Resveratrol Side EffectsNature's Little Secret...

In recent years, Resveratrol has gained an immense level of popularity for treating certain conditions, such as atherosclerosis, high levels of cholesterol in the body, as a prevention measure for certain types of cancer and to assist in decreasing body aches and pain and inflammation that may occur throughout the body.

If you are interested in taking Resveratrol, it is essential that you learn about the most common side effects associated with this chemical. While this chemical product is often found in items such as red wine, mulberries, grape juice that is purple in color and the skins of red grapes, it may also be prescribed to those that are believed will benefit from ingesting the chemical. Throughout this medical guide, you will learn some basic facts about the most common side effects of Resveratrol.

The first side effect that individuals should be aware of in regards to Resveratrol is that, once it is consumed, it has the capacity to thin the blood. This is one of the main reasons that it is considered to be effective for cardiovascular complications such as blood clotting and hardening of the arteries. 

The next most common side effect associated with taking Resveratrol are complications associated with the gastrointestinal tract. In addition to this, these same individuals may find that they experience unusual bouts of diarrhea. The reason for this is that lesser grade resveratrol products contain emodin, and this can act as a gentle laxative for some. But still, in the most part, this is a slight issue and rarely if ever happens when the resveratrol being consumed is above 50% in purity.

If an individual is taking medications that are designed to be altered by the liver or contain the substrate known as “CYP3A4”, Resveratrol may decrease the amount of time that it takes for the liver to break down the substrates and/or other medications that are being taken by the patient. For a much greater breakdown of how resveratrol works within the body, please visit resveratrol side effects.

If a medical professional feels as if an individual will benefit from taking Resveratrol, they will determine the appropriate dosage for the patient by considering their health history, their age and the reasons why this medication will assist with their overall health. While this is considered to be a natural substance, it is important to understand that side effects may be experienced.


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