To understand why resveratrol works, you must first understand the function of the following proteins:

(a) Sirtuin and sirtuin1Resveratrol - More Potent than you may think...

(b) AMPK

(c) Phosphodiesterases (PDEs)

Sirtuins, which is coined from the formal Silent Information Regulator 2 (SIR2), are proteins that are found in all living organisms. Research has proved that when sirtuins are activated, they help reduce the errors in the DNA creation process. You see, DNA is bound by histones, which is another class of proteins. Sirtuins work by compressing the DNA on the histones and this act reduces the error in the DNA-creation process. It is common sense that when error-free DNA is created, the lifespan naturally increases.

AMPK or adenosine monophosphate-activated protein kinase is an enzyme that contains three proteins. It is present in many tissues – in the THe Science Behind the Miracle - Trans Resveratrol...liver, brain and even in the skeletal muscle. When AMPK is activated, it inhibits cholesterol synthesis, triglyceride synthesis, and lipogenesis (in which Acetyl coenzyme A, a metabolic molecule, is converted to fats). Activated AMPK also modulates insulin secretion and muscle glucose intake.

Phosphodiesterases are enzymes located in the skeletal muscles, and they help regulate cell function.

Now, let’s get down to resveratrol.

Resveratrol directly targets Sirtuin proteins with its calorie-restriction powers. This was discovered by an authoritative research conducted by seven international research laboratories. This study reported that resveratrol not only activates sirtuin, it also positively activates AMPK and inhibits the actions of phosphodiesterases. All these actions triggered by resveratrol go on to help many species live a longer and healthier life.

As you would have read above, sirtuins help perfect the DNA structure, which can lead to an enhanced lifespan. Resveratrol's positive impact on AMPK ensures brain, liver, heart and tissue health and its phosphodiesterases-inhibition helps keep cells and arteries healthy.

Once upon a time it was accepted that resveratrol activates just the sirtuins. Now, this study has proved that resveratrol also activates AMPK and inhibits phosphodiesterases’ actions leading to many benefits, including the famous anti-aging effect.

Resveratrol Molecule...Now, to fully understand why resveratrol works, we must understand how it works.Resveratrol is a naturally-produced nutrient that helps plants fight off free radicals and environmental stress. It has been proved that resveratrol increases the lifespan of many species like yeast, mice, short-lived fish and even primates like mouse lemurs. Though the positive effects of resveratrol on humans are still being studied, the fact remains that what works with many other species will also work on humans.

It can be assumed that resveratrol works by suppressing the diet, which in turn activates the sirutin protein, which you have read above, helps create error-free DNA, leading to an enhanced lifespan. Sirutin apart, resveratrol also activates the AMPK protein, which in turn, inhibits cholesterol synthesis, triglyceride synthesis, and lipogenesis. This ensures that we humans do not put on too much fat and our arteries are in good shape, which guarantees great heart health. AMPK is also present in the brain and the liver, and therefore it can be said that resveratrol helps digestion, synthesis and contains neuroprotective properties. Resveratrol also inhibits the actions of the phosphodiesterases enzymes, and this ensures proper cell growth.

This is how resveratrol works, why it works, and why it is such an exciting nutrient that has created such a buzz in the medical community. So, go ahead and reach out for a resveratrol source right away if you want to maintain good health.