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What should I know?

Socrates once said, "Let food be your medicine, and medicine be your food.."



Where does Trans - Resveratrol come from?

Resveratrol (3,4,5 - trihydroxystilbene) is grouped into a class of polyphenolic compounds better known as stilbenes. There are commonly two types available today - the "trans" and "çis" variety. The more expensive and potent "trans" type is derived from the Japanese Knotweed (polygonum cuspidatum). The "cis" type is extraced from food by-products that also contain traces of this compound, albeit in a much less potent form. Resveratrol is found in many different natural food groups, though in such small amounts as to make it not commercially viable to extract from - hence the Japanese Knotweed or Reynoutria japonica are the two main sources.

It may interest you to know that Resveratrol is found in minute amounts within many foods. For example, boiled peanuts can have up to 1 mg of resveratrol within every 180 grams. Grapes also contain this compound (hence all of the publicity around red wine & the French Paradox). The thing is that one would have to ingest a crazy amount of these foods even to take in a tiny amount of this active compound.

In order to benefit from Trans Resveratrol than one MUST take a concentrated extract to reap the rewards that this compound has on offer.


Why are there two types of Resveratrol?

There are two types of resveratrol that exist in nature, and these are the "cis" and "trans" configuration. Both compounds are powerful and directly effect gene expression, but the "trans" type of this compound has been shown to be more bio active within the body. Learn more about Cis & Trans Resveratrol here.

Be SURE prior to purchasing a Resveratrol product that you are getting the "TRANS" type rather than the much less potent "CIS" Resveratrol


Is Resveratrol Safe?

Resveratrol has been tested extensively by science for a number of years now, and after much investigation has been found to be virtually side effect free - though much of the current research with human participants is yet to come out. As with any type of supplement the interaction within the body is not entirely known, so it is best to exercise caution & if any unpleasant symptoms present then be sure to visit your local health care professional.

Currently there are 12 human clinical studies underway with a number of them now reaching Phase 3 of testing without issue. Until these studies are completed a number of questions remain unanswered - though much of the information required to make an educated decision based on science & not speculation should be available in the public arena in the not too distant future. Resveratrol is a potent antioxidant & as such can assist the body in reducing free daily free radical damage.

This formulation  has been shown to assist with eye health & cardiovascular integrity - along with being a potent systemic anti oxidant.

If in doubt be sure to read through our .pdf that breaks down the mechanics of resveratrol within the body. It makes for a very interesting read, Is Resveratrol Safe - Nutrient Interactions & Toxicity Research Communication


What are the other exipients within your formulation?

Our primary Trans - Resveratrol product contains over 540mg of pure trans - resveratrol per serving, along with 70mg of grape seed extract.

We do not use filler compounds such as silica, quercetin, glidants, oat bran or other such additives. Although this makes for a capsule that is more difficult to fill and manufacture, the consumer can be certain that our products are of the highest quality.

Note: The color of the capsule will be darker in appearance due to the small amount of grape seed extract added. Other than this the Trans Resveratrol we use for this product is of the highest purity & meets all TGA / GMP requirements for a product listed on the ARTG Database as a registered supplement.


What dosage is best?

The optimal dosage of Trans Resveratrol for humans has still yet to be established, though if one follows the suggested daily amount then this is a good place to begin. Typically 2 - 3 capsules daily is a good place to begin, as this will put you in a range of between 500 - 800 mg daily.


What quality checks does this product meet?

Our formulation meets all of the requirements set out by the appropriate Australian regulatory bodies. We meet all TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration) requirements, along with the Trans Resveratrol product being manufactured in a GMP & TGA approved & Certified company. It may interest you to know that many of the suppliers you find online selling Trans Resveratrol DO NOT meet these requirements - with a number of them coming from overseas suppliers.


Will this product contravene my other medication?

From research thus far (& from our own experience), Trans Resveratrol will not contravene with one's existing medication - though if in doubt it is always best to ask your doctor.


How is my product shipped?

We ship daily using the Australian Post, being a fully traceable service in which one can follow their order online via the tracking provided upon purchase. Tracking is sent upon dispatch of your order & will be sent to the email address used for the purchase. As the order moves within the postal service you will automatically be sent email notifications until final delivery of your order.


Product What is the refund policy?

We provide a full refund upon request if for any reason the product is not wanted - no questions asked. Just return the remaining product to the address listed here & you will be refunded in full upon receipt of the remaining product.